Sunday April 20, 2014
2013 WRAP-UP TOURNAMENT @ Leamington Fields
August 17 & 18, 2013

Final results of the regular season are in!

WRAP UP TOURNAMENT SCHEDULES ARE POSTED! To view them, run the report by "division" and not by a single team.

Food and refreshments will be available at the fields!

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Heat Advisory Policy
Below is our policy for heat advisories/temps over 35 degrees.
1. water breaks every 10-15 minutes.
2. 10-15 mins for half time.
3. Please remove any player that asks for a break or looks like they need one.
4. Please sub of all players when possible at least once during game.
5. Coaches: bring extra water for any one who forgets their water.
6. Coaches and ref can in combination with above guidelines jointly use
other measures like shorter game if desired

Below is a list of the early warning signs to look for (this is not an exhaustive list)
1. Flushed face
2.Hyperventilation or shortness of breath
5.Tingling arms
6.Goose bumps (hair on arms standing on end)
8.Poor coordination
9.Confusion, agitation, uncooperativeness

When there is any lightning or thunder, the game must not start or it must
be put on hold if the game is underway until the lightning or thunder stops. Our
insurance policy dictates that the coaches and referees must enforce the players
leave the field and wait in their cars. If weather conditions do not change after 20minutes, depending on the amount of time played (see rescheduling of games below)the game is rescheduled. (except in tournaments where players wait until the storm has passed and then play is restarted.)